Five reasons why you should get a Lifetime Membership today!

This is your chance to gain lifetime access to all FootyLingo Online Courses and Language Games. Here are five great reasons to get your lifetime membership today!

Learn various languages

We are now creating Football Language Online Courses for students who want to learn vocabulary, phrases and grammar in important football languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. Once these three courses are available in each language, we will begin adding further specific courses in each language, such as “English For Football Analysts” and “Spanish For Football Agents”.

We are also making Football Language Games so that you can improve your reading and listening skills in all of the football languages that you want to learn.

If you get a FootyLingo Lifetime Membership, you will always be able to start learning a new language whenever you want. This season your focus may be on one specific language but your focus could suddenly change to a different language because of an opportunity in a new league. If you want to learn various languages for football, FootyLingo will always be there for you.

Never stop learning

Learning a language is a process which never ends because you can always get better. In fact, your level could go down if you don’t continue to practise on a regular basis. The problem for many language learners is finding interesting and motivating material to keep  practising and improving their language skills over an extended period of time. FootyLingo Lifetime Members will never have this problem.

The great thing about football is there’s always a next game, and with FootyLingo it’s just the same. Our Language Game Library is always growing, meaning that you can continue watching the latest football videos, reading interesting articles, listening to the latest podcasts and improving your skills.

And of course, if you have a Lifetime Membership, you’ll enjoy access to all new online courses in all languages as soon as they are added to our course library. You’ll also be able to retake any lessons and courses that you completed in the past, a great way to keep your game on point!

Enjoy exclusive offers

We plan to organise various activities in the future, such as exclusive study trips to different countries for individuals and groups. Our study trips will give students the opportunity to watch and participate in training sessions and practise language skills in both team and media situations.

We have already completed some trips with a group of elite coaches and the results were spectacular. The coaches improved their skills and gained confidence before starting a new job. When we release the dates for our next study trips, our Lifetime Members will be offered places before anyone else. 

Be a key member of our community

As you can see, the FootyLingo project is just beginning. We have a lot of plans and lot of exciting ideas. But what is FootyLingo? It’s a language-learning system for football professionals and fans. So we need your help to make FootyLingo what YOU want it to be. We want you to tell us about your experience and your needs.

FootyLingo Lifetime Members will have the opportunity to shape the future of FootyLingo by participating in surveys where they can request new types of courses and games. As a FootyLingo Lifetime Member, you will be able to make FootyLingo your perfect language-learning tool.

Lifetime Memberships are limited!

Our special Lifetime Membership offer will only be available for a limited period of time.

If you believe in this project and you want lifetime access at an incredible price, you should get your Lifetime Membership today while they still exist!

So what are you waiting for?