How To Learn Languages For Football With This Fun New Tool!

FootyLingo is for football professionals and fans who want to study languages for football. Learn football vocabulary and improve your listening and reading skills!

Who is FootyLingo for?

FootyLingo is a website for football pros and fans who want to learn languages for football.

Football professionals such as players, coaches, sporting directors, analysts, scouts and agents work in a global industry where communication is so important and can be the difference between success and failure. If you’re a football professional and you want to compete at the top level, you need to improve your language skills.

But FootyLingo isn’t just for professionals. Whether you’re a pro or a fan, if you want to learn a new language and improve your listening and reading comprehension skills, FootyLingo is the perfect tool for you!

How can I learn languages for football?

Online Courses

Use our Online Courses to learn a wide range of vocabulary, phrases and grammar.

Lessons consist of presentations and games. When you complete all the games in a lesson, the next lesson is unlocked and you can progress to the new lesson presentation.

You can also go back to review previous lessons and play games again whenever you want. This is important because it means that if you completed a course a while ago but you want to refresh one lesson, various lessons, or the whole course, you can do it whenever you want.

Once you have completed all of the lessons in a course, you must then pass the course exam to receive your course completion certificate. And remember, employers can check the validity of your FootyLingo certificates by entering your certificate numbers or scanning the QR codes with our certificate verification tool.

Language Games

If you want to improve your listening and reading skills, you’ll love our Language Games!

Use our video and podcast games to work on your aural word recognition and listening comprehension skills by filling in the gaps and answering “true or false” and multiple choice questions.

Our reading games help to improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills with multiple choice and “true or false” games based on website articles. And you can also boost your memory skills and football knowledge with our fun brain training games!

A key objective when learning a language is maintaining motivation levels. With FootyLingo you will always be motivated because we are continuously creating new video and reading games based on fresh content from a wide range of clubs and media outlets. Score 100% in a FootyLingo game for +3 points in the League Table.

Playing with your friends adds an essential element to the learning process for all football lovers, competition!

How can I join FootyLingo?

If you want to access all FootyLingo Online Courses and Fans Games, you need to be a member. We currently have a special Lifetime Membership offer, you should take advantage of this opportunity, it is a limited offer!

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