Social Media Blunders

Read this article about social media posts and then answer the questions to test your English for football reading skills.
Most of us have posted something on social media at one time or another that didn’t quite get the reaction that we were hoping for. However, for people in the public eye, social media blunders can be really embarrassing and in some cases harmful to their reputations and even careers.
If you think writing a good tweet or Facebook status can be difficult in your native tongue, then spare a thought for the people who try to do it in a foreign language. With English being an international language, more and more people from the world of football are trying to reach out to an increasingly international fan base, but in some cases they probably wish they hadn’t bothered.
Let’s have a look at some of the funniest and most controversial tweets and statuses of the year.
Former Waldington Town midfielder Pablo Ramírez didn’t exactly endear himself to the fans of his old club with this tweet:
Not the most tactful way to say goodbye to your old club. But if you think that was bad, have a look at this one from his former teammate Jacques Bonnaire!
We assume that he was trying to say priceless instead of worthless, at least we hope he was… It didn’t go down too well with the Waldington fans on Twitter, although it gave rival fans a good laugh.
We have no idea what Italian manager Marco Ricci was thinking when he wrote this Facebook status after crashing out of the Champions League in the round of 16. He’d obviously taken issue with a section of the Mellington Rovers fans who had voiced their frustration and disappointment at full-time, but it’s fair to say that this probably wasn’t the best way of dealing with the doubters.
This particular status received a huge backlash from fans for its disrespectful and highly provocative tone and may well have had something to do with the club sacking him a few weeks later. Or was it just that the team were useless? Either way, he did himself no favours with that one and is unlikely to be at the top of many Mellington Rovers fans’ Christmas card lists this year.
Our personal favourite, however, was when Hungarian striker László Bátori seemingly offered to fight the Grovedale United fans who were questioning his desire and commitment after having gone ten games without scoring.
According to Bátori, he wasn’t offering to fight Grovedale fans, but was in fact trying to explain how committed he was to the club. Following an angry and somewhat bemused reaction from fans he clarified what he was trying to say via a statement on the official club website. The confusion was cleared up and everyone lived happily ever after…well for now anyway.
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