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Key Vocabulary

Memorise the essential vocabulary that all football lovers need to know.

Grammar in context

Study English grammar in the context of football. Our method really works!

Useful Football Phrases

Useful Phrases

Learn a wide variety of phrases for matches, training, media and more.

Listening Games

Improve your aural word recognition and listening comprehension skills.

Reading Games

Build football vocabulary and boost reading comprehension skills.

Brain Training

Train your brain with our challenging football quizzes and memory games.


Study key football vocabulary, grammar and useful phrases.

Learn the language you need with effective online courses.


Improve your skills with our challenging language games.

Enjoy quality football content and play against your friends!

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Front Cover
Key Football Vocabulary
Key football vocabulary
Football Tactics
Football tactics
Football Actions
Football actions
Grammar in context
Grammar in context
Grammar in context
Useful phrases for training
Phrases for training
Phrases for training
Useful phrases for matches
Phrases for matches
Phrases for matches
Useful phrases for media
Phrases for media
Phrases for media
Course Certificate
Course certificates
For Coaches
For coaches
For Footballers
For footballers
For Professionals
For all professionals
For Fans
For all fans
Front Cover
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English For Football Online Courses

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English For Football - Vocabulary

  • The Goal

  • Matchday Kit

  • Attacking Tactics 1

  • The Pitch

  • Dynamic Stretching

  • Key Roles at a Club

  • Joint Rotations

  • Playing Positions

  • Ball Control

  • Training Equipment

  • Goalkeeping

  • Defensive Tactics 1

  • Defending

  • Facilities

  • Passing

  • Defensive Tactics 2

  • Attacking Play

  • Nutrition

  • Set Pieces & Infringements

  • Matches

  • Finishing

  • Attacking Tactics 2

English For Football - Grammar

  • Subject and Object Pronouns

  • Present Tenses

  • Question Words

  • Irregular Verbs 1

  • There Is, There Are

  • Prepositions of Place

  • Have Got

  • A, An, Some and Any

  • Adverbs of Frequency

  • Much, Many, A Lot, A Little, Little, A Few, Few

  • Irregular Verbs 2

  • Past Simple

  • Prepositions of Time

  • Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

  • Past Continuous

  • Too Much, Too Many, Too, Enough, Not Enough

  • Future Tenses Part 1

  • Irregular Verbs 3

  • Future Tenses Part 2

  • Prepositions of Movement

  • To Get

  • Present Perfect

  • Linking Words

  • Present Perfect vs Past Simple

  • Irregular Verbs 4

  • Modal Verbs

  • Verbs and Prepositions

  • Past Perfect

  • Passive Voice

  • Used To, To Be Used To, To Get Used To

  • Phrasal Verbs Part 1

  • Irregular Verbs 5

  • Conditional Sentences

  • Wish, If Only

  • Phrasal Verbs Part 2

English For Football - Phrases

Coming very soon!

Language Games Improve Your Skills

1: Enjoy Quality Content

Focus your mind and enjoy videos, articles and podcasts from your favourite content creators.

2: Play The Game

Improve aural word recognition, football vocabulary and listening and reading comprehension skills.

3: Get Your Result

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For football lovers who want to boost their language skills.

Our students love playing and competing against each other!

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